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For the month of September, the Queen Anne Chamber selected the k.mae studio, LLC for its Member Spotlight.

1) Tell us about what k.mae studio  is in a nutshell?

k.mae studio is an official photographer for Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce, and a professional photography service specializing in people and food. We offer variety of services such as family portraits, corporate portraits for company profiles, food photography for restaurants, brands, websites, etc. 

Kayako Sareen is an owner and a photographer of k.mae studio and she started her photography business in 2008 after working for fortune 50 companies as finance and marketing professional for 10 years. She has been passionate about photography since she was a child and it was her dream to pursue her passion. 


2) What is special about k.mae studio

k.mae studio never stops to push the envelope of creativity and work hard for their clients. Kayako’s work has been exhibited globally and most recently at the Washington State Convention Center, and via a food exhibition in London, France and Cyprus. 

3) How many years has k.mae studio been a member of QA Chamber?

In January 2016, Kayako met with Charley Shore who is an executive director of Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce to see how she can get involved in the QA Chamber. Since then, she has been involved by capturing key events such as Queen Anne Annual Business Awards and sharing those photographs with communities. 




  Title: Patterns

Title: Patterns

4) How long is k.mae studio in QA community and how does k.mae studio get involved in the community?  

Kayako is a Queen Anne resident since 2013 and she loves this community.  She has two daughters attending elementary schools in Queen Anne. 

Other involvement to the community includes; 

5) Any information that you would like to share via Queen Anne Chamber’s community? 

If you are in the QA community either for work or as a resident, she encourages meeting with QA Chamber members. They dedicate time to make this community a better place and she is proud to be one of them. 

  Title: 40 Years

Title: 40 Years